My Life as a Workplace Jackass

  1. Expected to work at home without pay
    John is constantly expected to work after hours to finish what needs to be done, without compensation. Funny, that’s my situation too. Except I don’t get paid for any hours.

  1. Constant availability required or else penalty
    The penalties for not being available to respond to requests at all hours of the day lead to not being seen as a “star” employee, which ultimately leads to not being promoted. Should you complain, well then, you’re just asking to be on the lay off list during hard times. Funny, that’s exactly my situation too, except if I’m not constantly available, it’s life or death.

  1. Not promoted when appearing to be loyal to family
    Wow. I’m seeing a pattern here… another guy got a position that was indicated for John right when he said he might take some time off after the baby was born. And that’s what happened to me when I was pregnant. Even though I hid it for as long as I could.

  1. Required to stay late with no warning
    At least three times a week. And for me, well, that’s everyday.

  1. Got a “desk absence warning” when at hospital during baby birth
    That one was just gross. They actually instituted a policy that people were not to be away from their desks without permission for more than 15 minutes. Not unlike when one is nursing.

  1. Culture of always being “on and responsive.”
    It’s the slippery slope here. John did that a few times for killer deadlines and delivered great results. Now it’s just expected of him to work like a jackass all the time. I’m on and responsive 24hrs a day too. The only thing is that he gets compensation and I don’t. He ascends careerwise. I take the hit.

  1. Culture of Work first, Family second
    For me it’s family first, work never. Ok, I’m exaggerating. I suppose I’ll get back into it sometime. I just have no idea how and at what cost.